How To Measure Soil Temperature?

How To Measure Soil Temperature

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It’s essential you know how to measure soil temperature when it comes to planting seeds. Soil temperature should not be overlooked and this important step must be completed before any planting takes place.

We have compiled this quick run down on how to measure soil temperature to assist you when planting seeds or plants.

  1. Make sure you are measuring to the correct depth when wanting to plant. The average gardener, who is planting plants and seeds, would be looking to measure to at least 6 inches.
  2. Soil can be hard and difficult to penetrate with a soil thermometer, so use a screwdriver to make a hole. This will make measuring the temperature using a soil probe a lot easier.
  3. When using a soil thermometer, make sure it is into the soil firmly and to record an accurate temperature. You will want to leave it in the soil for several minutes, before checking the temperature.
  4. If you are measuring the temperature on a warm sunny day, try to keep the soil thermometer out of direct sunlight. Using your hand or some other way to prevent direct sunlight on the thermometer will prevent inaccurate temperature reporting.
  5. For ultimate accuracy it is worth noting the soil temperature at different times of the day. For example using the thermometer in the morning and afternoon, will allow you to record two temperatures. You would then simply average the two recordings, to get your soil temperature measurement.

Failure to check the temperature of your soil, potentially could result in the planting being a complete waste of time. Certain seeds are very susceptible to temperature. For example when planting vegetable seeds, the temperature of the soil is critical to ensure a successful grow. The growth and development of vegetable seeds vary, from vegetable to vegetable – so make sure you’re using a decent soil thermometer to complete this task!

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